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Green Things

Day 61- Today the wind changed and it’s cool; a high of 79, maybe. It’s one of those days that tells you, not so subtly, that summer days are numbered and fall is on the way. I took a late lunch out by the lake and decided to roll down the windows and call some friends. It was good, but I left later than I should have for lunch.

I’m anxious to get home and see if anything else is sprouting in the garden. Yesterday I could see one of the pansies had broken through it’s casing, and it looked too that perhaps a pea was peeking out. I noticed my neighbor has also planted a full bed of lettuce. Hurrah for fall crops!


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Day 60- Yesterday evening I took my two boys out into the back yard to play in the sprinkler. The weather was beautiful! At 7 pm it was still warm enough to want to play in the water, but cool enough to be comfortable while I sat and added contacts to my new cell phone. I now find it ironic that AT&T had ads showing cornfields being mowed by combines from the Cingular signal strength emblem into the AT&T striped world emblem. Why? Because AT&T doesn’t provide ANY service to my small town: No landline, No wireless, and No internet. They do provide long distance service, but even that was hard to come by. Sad really, because I’ve always been a bit of a loyalist to AT&T. They do service the next town over, about 8 miles away. The landline people were pleasant and very sorry to be losing me as a customer. The wireless people were also pleasant and apologetic about losing me as a customer, they even let me out of my contracts which was very nice because Hubby’s phone was new as of last Christmas. But the Internet people were awful. I had 3 months left in my contract and they refused to waive the penalty. Their thinking was it was my fault for moving to an area they didn’t service. I was abandoning them, therefore I must pay. The wireless folks didn’t impose the penalty and didn’t even ask for the phones back! Their response: we’re sorry we don’t offer coverage in your new town, but we won’t penalize you because we’re not in the business of making people unhappy! The Internet rep did at least put in as much credit as she could to offset some of the penalty charges. Thank you decent rep!

So, back to the mosquitoes. My 5 year old is the ultimate mosquito attractant. My two year old didn’t show any signs of being bitten, but by the time we came in at 8 pm OB (older brother) had at least 2 dozen bites on him that were already itching and beginning to swell up like alien invaders. Benadryl to the rescue! Hubby covered him with Benadryl and pajamas; we hoped we’d gotten to the bites in time enough to prevent them from becoming one on his back. Fortunately, when I checked him this morning, it appears we had. I covered him with medicine again before I took him to Kindergarten so he wouldn’t be itching all day.

My two year old has now had several nights in a row that he didn’t have nightmares. It’s been a real problem since we finally settled in our new house. The months of traveling hither and yon had finally caught up with him when we settled into what has become the new routine. Now I know exactly why child psychologists say the WORST time to move a child is at the age of two. BB (baby brother) talks in his sleep when he has dreams, so at least I knew he wasn’t have scary, hairy dreams. Mostly his dreams were frustration dreams. Wanting to play with play dough and not being able to have it. Wanting a book and not being able to get it. Or the strangest one, he was yelling at his dad in protest of having his dinner cut up. We had gone out to dinner that evening and Hubby had cut up BB’s pizza, but BB didn’t want the pizza cut up. If he can continue to sleep well, we’ll make another attempt at having BB sleep in his own big boy bed in his own room.

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Day 59…It’s really different living in a small town in the middle of corn country, especially when that country has a heavy presence of New Order Amish. Before I moved here I had no clue these folks existed. Well, that’s not entirely true. It was because I was getting ready to move here that I learned about the New Amish. So what makes them different from the Old Order Amish? As far as I can tell, the main thing is the acceptance of modern living and working in a capitalistic society. They¬† work in the same variety of jobs as everyone else, just about. They have acquired alot of the same stuff; nice modern homes, nice cars, nice but modest clothes. Depending on how conservative or strict the congregational affiliation you may or may not find a television in the home (check the basement, the closets and the master bedroom; or just check the roof for the satellite dish). And, depending on the congregational affiliation, they may or may not talk to you if you aren’t a member of the church. The women do not cut their hair and wear it up in a bun. They also wear dresses and skirts, not pants; though I’ve seen a couple pushing the envelope wearing gaucho pants or culottes. Most of the women stay home to raise the children, tend to the house and garden, and manage the preparation of food.

Interesting note: when Hubby and I were looking for a home to buy in our new town we learned some interesting things about the “apostolic” homes. The bigger homes have two kitchens, one for family and one for church family. The homes for sale have two price tags, one for apostolic church members and one for anyone else. The homes were spotless. Truly “cleanliness is next to godliness.” You could have eaten off even the basement floors in the apostolic homes. And the homes were in better than new repair. Though they may be a little outdated in decor and appliances, everything worked as it was supposed to and proper maintenance had been diligently done.

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