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That’s what I want to be, or think I need to be; strong and sweet, like southern iced tea. I’ve got the strong part down, it’s the sweet part I need a little help with. Sometimes I come on so strong it seems like I’m just an angry young woman out to challenge the institution. OK, so may I am a little; but I’m also a strong young woman who cares deeply about the institution and my place in it as well as the place of others in it. That means, in conversation, I come on rather strong in my questions. They come off rather accusatory rather than inquisitive trying to gain understanding and insight. I’m much better in the written word where I can go back and read what I say and judge my tone, then edit with a more diplomatic voice.

Then there is the aspect of being in the moment, and we’re in quite a big moment. The senior minister has announced his retirement. I was stunned. I mean, I had been praying for a change in our relationship and the way we work together, but his departure was not the anticipated resolution. And perhaps it is not the resolution but rather the raison d’etre for me to help him exit gracefully by changing more of who I am being with my actions towards him. And yet, we disagree on so many issues. In the short term though, as we only have 3 .5 months remaining together; how do I make his process more enjoyable, and my ongoing entrance more positive. (I hear the words “more of you Christ, and less of me.”) So yes, strong and sweet, like good ole southern iced tea.


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