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Why, yes, I can! This past weekend was my first as Acting Senior Minister. No one is actually calling me that, but effectively that’s what I am. So I’m trying to exercise great restraint in speaking about myself and my abilities and just show them. So I’m off to a great start. An elderly member of the congregation died last Wednesday, which meant I had to do my first small town solo funeral. I’ve done funerals by myself before, but not many. Anyway, schedules being what they were, the funeral had to be on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. Yikes! It was a tight schedule. The funeral director came in for set up just moments after the crowd cleared from Sunday morning worship. I ran down the street for a quick burger so I wouldn’t faint in the middle of the funeral. We had a nice service with family and friends. However, at 86, dear member had outlived most friends. Then we did the committal at our small town cemetary and came back to the church for a really good funeral dinner.

I still had afternoon responsibilities, but we worked through that and I was home just after 6 pm. So dear people, you are in good hands. I will tend you to the best of my abilities for it is Christ who strengthens me! Now if I could just get going on that sermon for the coming Sunday!


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