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Getting Radicalized

That is, free radical-ized! I have completed 15 of 25 radiation treatments and I am putting my energy into blogging about it on my Caring Bridge website. I’ll say here that my church away from home is taking excellent care of me! I’ll be doing some pulpit supply this Sunday. And I’m really looking forward to my husband’s return and then our trip to pick up our children. I have received several notes from those in my previous church who are praying me through this journey, which is helpful and adds sprinklings of healing on that issue.

I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’m getting ready!


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I did some reading of my medical information this evening. I hadn’t read the radiologist’s report from November until now. Holy crap! about sums up my feelings.

It seems the recurrence of the glomus tumor may be nearly the same size as the one they removed. There is extension into my neck which I think explains some of the stuff I’ve felt like muscle spasms and tension. And then there’s the 2nd tumor that is effecting my vision. Oh! If I had known more about the size of this thing I would have moved more quickly!!!

I didn’t know. I tried to ask. I just didn’t know. And now I almost wish I still didn’t know, but I suppose this info will motivate me. But, oh, crap.

Help me, Jesus. Help me, God. You promised a miracle, and oh, I do need it. Oh, may it be, and may all be made well.

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