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At least that’s what they say. And if that is true, then perhaps it’s also true that the keyboard is mightier than the sword. Years ago, Norman Vincent Peale set out to teach people about “The Power of Positive Thinking.” In recent years, Rhonda Byrne has attempted to teach people “The Secret.” Whichever version you choose, they both want to share with people the idea that your life, and everyone else’s too, can be better if only you practice positive thinking. Be grateful each day and count your blessings. Love others, even the unlovable ones. And believe that you are worthy of good things. You will have good things, if you believe.

And by contrast, if you think negative thoughts and behave in negative ways, you will suffer the consequences of negativity. You will be sad, depressed, ill, never get a break, etc. In essence, chin up, love. If you change your outlook the view will change with it.

For nearly two years I have been fighting with the idea of living in a small town, leaving my friends and support behind, and getting paid less to do it. I was angry with a lot of people, with institutions, and with God. I could see that perhaps the things we were being given were blessings, but I didn’t want to receive them that way because they didn’t fit the definition I wanted. I made myself ill over it.

It’s time for a change. Not just in politics, but in my personal life and spirit. I believe there is time for this to come good. I believe it is possible for me to be completely healed, in body, mind and spirit. I believe my children and my husband need me. I believe my family and friends need me. I believe the church needs me. I believe that illness will be healed, is being healed and has been healed in me. I am living. I will live.

I am well, I will be well and all manner of things will be well.

God I beg your forgiveness. Forgive me for not trusting that you brought me to a place of healing and of hope. Forgive me for not trusting that you would provide for us, so that I took matters into my own hands. Thank you God for opening my eyes to see the gifts you have given me and the future that you have for me. Continue to heal me, Oh Lord, so that I may continue to be your servant. Amen.


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