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It is Advent, the season of anticipation. With all that has come to notice for me in the last 3 months, there is much to anticipate. I will return to my neurosurgeon on Dec. 29, but before then I believe God is and will be working in me. Each day it seems I think of someone that I need to ask forgiveness of in regards to my attitude over the last 20 months. And each time I tell someone of my epiphany and my new found gratitude, I do feel a little bit better. But I do need additional assistance. God is working to refashion his servant. I want to be all the good things God intended! A good minister, a good wife and mother, a good daughter and sister, a good friend and a good human.

Though this is the season of anticipation there is much to be done to make ready. And it isn’t easy to change things about ourselves. I would still like to have a larger salary, and that will take time. But right now, I am grateful to have a ministry that pays me what it does. And when I consider how close we have come to a less desirable alternative, the more grateful I am to have what I do. And do I need a bunch of fancy gifts for Christmas? NO! I will gladly receive what I get. My greatest wish is that I will be found in perfect health and use that health to spread God’s word of good news, mine and the gospel! I have a story that bears telling, and as I keep preaching to my congregation, people who don’t know God want to know why I do and what difference it makes to me. People need to know that the gospel stories we tell in church still happen today to everyday people. They need to know that faith still matters in spite of how teeribly humans can twist it around and make a mess of it. God still saves and I BELIEVE god is saving ME.


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